Putting Southern Illinois Back to Work

  • Gary Forby has worked to balance the budget and improve the region’s economy by revitalizing the Southern Illinois coal industry. He cut through government red tape to help open several new coal mines, creating hundreds of new jobs and supported plans to build three clean coal plants in Illinois, creating even more jobs locally.
  • Gary Forby also knows that Southern Illinois jobs aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet – they’re people’s lives. That’s why he has repeatedly fought Governor Quinn and Chicago lawmakers’ plans to close Choate Mental Health Center, protecting over 500 jobs in our area and maintaining vital health care services in our District. He continues that same pledge this year by fighting to keep open Tamms Correctional Center, which is facing the chance of closure under the Governor’s budget proposal.

Bringing Money Back to Southern Illinois

  • Gary Forby has worked closely with local mayors to bring taxpayer money back to communities in our District. He helped secure millions of dollars in state grants to replace water lines in Herrin, Benton, Carmi, Pope County, Shawneetown and Zeigler.
  • Gary Forby also helped secure an $800,000 grant to build a new water pumping station in West Frankfort, which played a vital role in protecting the community during last year’s historic floods.

Protecting Southern Illinois Values

  • Gary Forby continues to lead the effort to bring concealed carry to Illinois, which would allow properly trained, law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons and defend themselves, and he fought to keep the names of FOID card holders private to ensure their safety.
  • Gary Forby also stood up against Chicago Mayor Emmanuel’s plan to penalize law-abiding citizens for owning a gun by taxing them and requiring them to register their firearm with the state.